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We have always thought that most wine critics seemed to be writing their reviews in a way that works well for the industry professional, but not so well for the average wine consumer who generally finds them too wordy to bother reading all the way through.
That is not to say that the reviewers do not do a good job in evaluating the wines they taste, rather it is more of a case of our written language having its limitations.
Simply put, we always admired
Sgt. Joe Friday.
   He was the no-nonsense, police detective from the classic television show, "Dragnet".   Each week, he would ask each witness he interviewed to give him, "Just the Facts".
Our tasting panel adheres to that basic approach when we pass along the impressions of each wine that we review.   By breaking down our wine evaluations into standardized units, we allow readers to choose just the facts they need without having to slog their way through several paragraphs of verbiage that makes reading the typical wine review seem like such a chore.
We would like to imagine that by taking away all those long, wordy descriptions that only serve to glaze over people's eyes, consumers will begin to move away from selecting a wine solely on the basis of the score it received.  

Another of our goals is to make the simple act of selecting a bottle of wine a lot less intimidating by pointing out in our reviews the types of wine palate a particular bottle might best appeal to.

For example: A big, rich and fruity, high-alcohol Zinfandel may be just the thing to bring to your friend's backyard barbecue, but that same wine might not be the best option to bring along when you have been invited to the annual summer clambake at your boss's beach house.
Finally, We firmly believe that if we simply give wine buyers just the facts, without all the flowery prose that makes the subject feel so daunting, they will gain enough confidence to be willing to try new things when shopping for wine, such as exploring bottles made from unfamiliar grape varietals, or produced in different growing regions around the globe.


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