Artisan Wine Review
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Wine Bottle Shapes

Quality wines from Franconia are bottled in the traditional Bocksbeutel. This squat, flagon shaped, German bottle is said to be patterned after the scrotum of a goat (Bock).


Most Burgundy and Rhône wines are packaged in tall bottles with sloping shoulders and a smaller punt.


The Hoch is a bottle commonly used for Alsace, Mosel, and Rhine wines.   It is tall and narrow with little or no punt.

Bordeaux bottles are tall, straight and have square shoulders.


Champagne bottles are wide with sloping shoulders.   They have thick walls and a deep punt to help contain the high pressures within.

Port wine bottles are high shoulders and have a pronounced punt.   They also feature a bulbous neck to collect any residue.


The Fiasco is a round bottomed bottle encased in straw.   It was traditionally used for everyday table wines.   In an attempt to shed the bottle’s low-quality wine image, most Chianti producers have abandoned the fiasco in favor of Bordeaux-styled bottles.

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